STB Frequently Asked Questions

Creating an Account

Why do I need to create an account?

By creating an account you will prevent having to re-enter your information each time you want to submit products to sell. You will only have to enter a username/email address and password which makes it a much faster and easier way for you to submit products to sell. Creating an account will also allow you to see what you have sold to STB on previous orders. You also need an account to be able to access the product submital form of this site.

How long does it take for my account to be activated?

Usually your account will be ready to use the same day between the hours of 8:00-4:30 Monday - Friday. If submitted after hours the account will be ready the following business day. Your password will be sent within that timeframe as well. You can submit products immediately after that and log in anytime using only your username/email address and password.

Selling to STB

How do I sell to STB? What's different than doing it the old way?

Selling to STB has never been easier! We give you full control of what you want to sell your products for! We don't show list prices of what we pay since the market is constantly changing. Please fill out the request form to submit your products you want to sell. Make sure you check and fill in all the boxes you can in order to help speed up the process so we can get expedite your money quickly. The more detailed information the better! By answering and checking off on all the areas will help speed up the process and eliminate a lot of back and forth emails. Simply state your Asking Price for your products you want to sell and hit the Submit This Form button. Once we receive the request an STB representative will get back to you either agreeing to the price you requested or will suggest a different price based on market demands and actual current surplus buy back pricing. You can agree to the price or send back a counter offer until you are comfortable with the amount. The transaction is done when you click Accept Offer!

We also have a file upload feature at the bottom of the page on the form which allows you to upload any type of inventory list in any format if you don't want to waste the time entering each item on the request form.

How do I receive payment?

We can pay you in many different ways. We can pay by Company Check, PayPal and Wire Transfer (for larger transactions). If you need other payment arrangements please let us know. You can also donate the full or partial amount to a charity of your choice! Just let us know which non-profit/charity you would like to donate to and we will take care of the rest. It is a good thing to do and is tax deductible as well.

We normally pay within 1-10 business days from when the shipment is received against the PO. We can expedite payment by overnight check or PayPal payment if needed (wire transfer and overnight check will have additional fees)

Shipping to STB


All supplies must be packed into a shipping box and or on a pallet, no other way is acceptable! We need to receive these units in good condition, so over-boxing and packaging these units well is very important.

Please make sure you do not remove any labels/stickers that might be on the exterior of the packaging. By removing any labels may cause damage and decrease the value of the units.

We have to remove all shipping or other labels other than the factory labels upon receiving the units. We prefer to do this at Surplus Toner Buyer, LLC. ourselves as we are able to do this without damaging the exterior.