T&C Surplus Toner Buyer

Surplus Cartridge and Imaging Supplies Buyback Program


There is no quantity that is too large or too small!

We can send payment in the form of credit card, bank transfer, Paypal or check. Let us know which method works best for you! We also send payments FASTER and pay MORE money per item than any competitor!

For more information you can contact us through our Contact Us page https://surplustonerbuyer.com/contact/ or you can e-mail us directly at info@surplustonerbuyer.com.

Terms and Conditions For Selling Surplus To Surplus Toner Buyer, LLC.

I represent and warrant that all new & used Toner/Ink cartridges that have been sold in the past, being sold or will be in the future shipped and/or sold to STB were first sold in the United States of America.

Seller must acknowledge and confirm they are the rightful legal owner of any and all supplies and/or other items sold or offered to be sold to Surplus Toner Buyer, LLC. Seller must acknowledge they are the direct seller of all items and not representing any third party person and/or company or organization. Surplus Toner Buyer, LLC. may request proof of compliance and/or other documentation contained in these terms and conditions. Surplus Toner Buyer, LLC may request such documentation as it sees necessary.

Any person selling or submitting product for purchase to Surpluc Toner Buyer, LLC. must be of legal age or older in order to conduct business with Surplus Toner Buyer, LLC. In addition, all toner, ink, or other product submitted to Surplus Toner Buyer, LLC. must have clear title (by selling to Surplus Toner Buyer, LLC. the seller confirms 100% legal ownership of product).

Packaging and Shipping of Surplus Cartridges and Imaging Supplies

All supplies must be packed into a shipping box and or on a pallet. This is the only form acceptable for shipping product to us! All items must be received in good condition. We strongly recommend using extra packaging materials to ensure that any product shipped to us is received in the best possible condition.

We will need to remove all shipping and related labeling from the product upon receiving. This does not include removal of the factory labels. We prefer to handle addressing the removal of any labels at our facility since we know how to do it correctly without causing any damage or devaluation to the product.

Please do not remove any product stickers or labels that are on the exterior of the product packaging. Removal of any original labels and stickers may reduce the value of the items and actually cause damage to the product.