Cartidges aren’t Beanie Babies!

A Buyer’s Guide to Selling Your Unused Toner  It’s not often that someone can confidently tell you that your business is most likely housing untapped sources of income, but in the case (or cases) of unused ink and toner, it’s the truth. Companies like Surplus Toner Buyer are in the business of taking your unused…

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The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up: Business Edition

When Marie Kondo launched a campaign to help the world tidy themselves up most people turned to their bedroom closets and basements. However, the magic of a tidy space doesn’t have to end there. Here are a few solutions on how you can declutter your office space. Does it have a purpose? A good place…

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How to Get Rid of Your Toner the Legal Way in California

  How to Get Rid of Your Toner the Legal Way in California Before you haul that box of obsolete ink and toner cartridges to the dumpster, did you know it’s mandatory to go through your waste and identify any electronic items that could potentially be recycled or reused/repurposed rather than sent to a landfill?…

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