A Buyer’s Guide to Selling Your Unused Toner 

It’s not often that someone can confidently tell you that your business is most likely housing untapped sources of income, but in the case (or cases) of unused ink and toner, it’s the truth. Companies like Surplus Toner Buyer are in the business of taking your unused toner and ink cartridges and adding them to their inventory of wholesale and resell channels. 

Unused toner and ink cartridges need to be OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) in order to qualify for repurchase. Here we will break down what type of supplies qualify, how the process works, and how you get paid fast for your surplus supplies while doing your part to help the planet. 

What type of surplus supplies qualify for buyback?

Supplies that qualify for the buyback program need to be OEM toner and ink cartridges, fuser, and printers. State of supplies can be in the following conditions 

  • Liquidated
  • Overstock
  • Freight distressed
  • Expired
  • Open-boxed, but unused
  • Out of box, but unused
  • Clearance 
  • Obsolete

What’s the catch? There is no catch! Toner buyback companies such as Surplus Toner Buyer will pay you to declutter your office and get rid of Toner, Ink, Drums, Fax Supplies, Fusers, Transfer kits, and printers that otherwise would end up in landfills. Keep in mind that toner cartridges that have been used, emptied, or compatible do not qualify for buyback.

Once you’ve gathered the surplus supplies you would like to sell, be sure the company you decide on has been certified as a R2:2013, ISO 14001:2015 & ISO 45001:2018. This means the toner buyback company is certified to operate within the state of California and is held accountable to e-recycle guidelines. 

How does the process of selling toner and ink cartridges work?

Surplus Toner Buyer makes getting rid of unwanted toner and swapping it for cash as easy as 1,2,3. However, in this case, it’s more like 1,2,3,4,5,6. Here are the six steps you need to take to turn your cartridges into cash fast. 

The first two steps involve gathering the ink & toner cartridges you would like to sell and follow our checklist above to make sure they qualify for resale. Next, set up an account on the Surplus Toner Buyer site and once your information is submitted, your account profile will be up and ready by the following business day. You can also create an account over the phone or via email with the assistance of Surplus Toner Buyer agents. Your account will be where you submit and receive information about each of your orders. Once your account is complete, upload the information about each ink and toner cartridge you would like to sell. If you have an asking price in mind for your supplies, you can provide to STB and they will either accept or counter until the deal is made. For more information on the selling process, check here

Steps three and four covers the shipment and receival. Once your agreed-upon purchase price has been reached, Surplus Toner Buyer will provide you with a shipping label so you can drop off your carefully boxed supplies free of charge at your local UPS. 

Once your shipment has been received, processed, and approved, you will receive your payment via company check, PayPal, or wire transfer. Other payment arrangements may be made in advance, including full or partial charity donations. You will receive payment in 1-10 business days according to the PO shipment time. It’s that easy! 

Why sell your unused ink & toner cartridges?

Unlike the Beanie Baby craze in the late 1990s, having old surplus supplies lying around can still pay off. Whether you’re a small business just starting out or a well-established corporation, if you have old clutter lying around that you could liquidate into cash, you would do it!. Like a brand new car, once it’s permanently left the lot, toner and ink cartridges will depreciate in value—especially once you update your printing equipment. 

Unused supplies will either take up valuable real estate in your office supply closet or end up in the local landfill causing almost irreversible damage to the environment. Surplus Toner Buyer specializes in ink, toner, and printer parts and turning them back into wholesale products. Turn your clutter into cash today with a company that’s never made it easier or quicker.