When Marie Kondo launched a campaign to help the world tidy themselves up most people turned to their bedroom closets and basements. However, the magic of a tidy space doesn’t have to end there. Here are a few solutions on how you can declutter your office space.

Does it have a purpose?

A good place to start is to look around your office space and consider whether or not you have equipment or office supplies that are no longer used by office staff. It may come as a surprise at what’s taking up space. Start by making a list of items that aren’t of value anymore for the company to reevaluate. Chances are if it’s got a decent collection of cobwebs, no one has used it in years.

Before you ditch, make sure items you intend to remove can’t be sold off or recycled before finding their new home at the dumpster.

The Magic: Turn your old or extra unused cartridges into cash!  

If your office is like most businesses, chances are you’ve upgraded your computer equipment including printers–which could potentially leave your supply of toner cartridges obsolete. Stores usually don’t allow returns of ink and toner cartridges which leaves you with no choice but to toss them.

Or is there?

Rather than throw them out, turn them into cash!  Surplus Toner Buyer will buy back your unused toner and ink cartridges? As long as the cartridges are unused, we will accept the following conditions: new toner, liquidated, overstock, open box, freight distressed, and even expired products.

Toner cartridges that meet the criteria of being resold need to be name-brand genuine Original Equipment Manufacturer aka OEM. OEM means the toner you would like to sell to a buyback company is still the original toner sold by the manufacturer and not refilled, empty or used.

Basically, you’re getting paid to get organized. And the best part? Similar to how a new car immediately loses value once you drive it off the car dealer lot, purchased toner and ink cartridges start to lose value as well. Earn back your lost ROI when you sell cartridges back for a cash value while unloading excessive and unneeded supplies.

Prices for cartridges are compared at fair market value with a competitive edge to give you the best price possible.

Digitize your files

Remember when libraries were wall to ceiling card catalogs? Now there’s not a catalog file box in sight. Take a leaf from the library book and go the way of digitization. Because while it may take some time, digitizing your files can eliminate the need for file cabinets, folders, shelf space, and paper costs. Plus, records and information will be easier to find rather than sifting through file folders.

Reduce, rehome, and repurpose

Now that you’ve digitized your files, sort out what paperwork needs to be kept and what can be shredded or recycled. It may not look like much, but piled-up paperwork can add a lot of clutter to an otherwise organized office closet.

Still, need to keep files for various business reasons? Make sure you invest in organizational equipment such as file organizers, label makers, and folder storage so you don’t have a build-up of paperwork again.

Do a clean sweep-literally!