How to Get Rid of Your Toner the Legal Way in California

Before you haul that box of obsolete ink and toner cartridges to the dumpster, did you know it’s mandatory to go through your waste and identify any electronic items that could potentially be recycled or reused/repurposed rather than sent to a landfill? If your office is located in the state of California, how you deal with your electronic waste, better known as e-waste, is a matter of law.

According to the Climate Change Plan put into place in 2013, the Golden State now “requires all businesses, apartment complexes, and government entities to recycle as one of the first actions under the state’s plan to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.”

This includes finding a safe way to dispose of your company’s e-waste. Your e-waste qualifies as any electronic item your office may carry such as IT equipment, cellphones, computer equipment, and printer material, including toner and ink cartridges.

What’s the harm in throwing out electronics?

R2:2013 Standard has been put into place to prevent toxic waste, including e-waste, from spreading into the environment. When toner buyback companies such as Surplus Toner Buyer, have been certified by the R2 Standard, it means that the company is monitored in the performance of environmental health, worker health and safety, and the recycling process in its entirety—from acquisition to final disposition.

Toner and ink cartridges need to be OEM or Original Equipment Manufacturer to qualify for buyback. Meaning the cartridge needs to be intact from how it came from the manufacturer.The boxes can be damaged,open, old etc as long as the actual product is new and unused Refilled or empty cartridges don’t qualify. OEM cartridges that can be presented for buyback are name-brand only new or expired.

Security in recycling and inventory disposal

Because businesses carry an immense amount of confidential information on their electronic devices and equipment, it may seem risky to hand that type of material over to a recycling company. There’s where part of the protection of the R2 Standard comes in.

When an e-waste recycling company is R2:2103 certified, it guarantees that your electronics are properly disposed of in a way that keeps your security intact and your data protected, while doing what’s best for the environment.

What are the ISO 14001:2015 and ISO 45001:2018 Certifications?

Don’t worry we get it. These two certifications sound more like Apple phone updates rather than environmental health and safety standards. But they actually coincide with R2:2013. The ISO 14001:2015 certification ensures what’s called the Environmental Management System or EMS. This framework provides standards for businesses to adhere to that take a proactive approach to manage environmental issues.

Basically, that’s a fancy way to say it keeps businesses accountable for environmental impact and waste management.

The health of the planet isn’t the only thing these certificates ensure. The ISO 45001:2018 also protects the occupational health and safety (OH&S) management system.

While we want businesses to safely recycle material and create a low carbon footprint in the environment, the safety of employees is a precedent. ISO 45001:2018 lets companies know that that particular e-waste recycling company provides a safe and healthy work environment for its employees.

Know before you throw

As you gather equipment and electronics that no longer have use in your office, make sure you check where you can recycle your items. Recycling companies that can legally take your electronic waste will be certified with the R2:2013 Standard, ISO 14001:2015, and ISO 45001:2018 and should provide their certificates online or upon inspection.

When it comes to toner and ink cartridges, make sure you utilize your unused ones. Companies such as Surplus Toner Buyer will pay you to take your cartridges off your hands. Not only are they completely certified as an approved e-waste recycler, but they take cartridges in various states, including freight distressed, expired, liquidated, and open box. Cartridge prices are compared to current fair market value with competitive rates so you get the best possible amount for each one.

Upcycle your unused toner and ink cartridges and earn back money for your company for cartridges that otherwise would continue to decrease in value and take up valuable space in your office.

To find a list of nearby California-certified recycling companies that take electronic waste, check here.


*Surplus Toner Buyer specializes specifically in New, OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) Toner, Ink, Copier, Drums, Fax supplies as well as Maintenance, Fuser and Transfer Kits and Whole printers



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